Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As of October 22, I have been officially accepted into the Canadian Forces! I want to thank you for your help and support to those of you who gave me glowing (I assume) references and specifically to Jennifer who helped me understand the application process and was kind enough to give it a push when it appeared to have stalled. Just so you know though, your life as a reference for me is likely not over just yet. There appears to be endless security clearance requirements so you'll likely be contacted again in the future. If you are, feel free to tell them how wonderful I am... just send the bill to me afterwards :D

I will be leaving for St. Jean Quebec on the 14th of November where I will spend 13.5 weeks in balmy warm weather under what I assume will be meters of snow doing basic training. After that I will be spending an additional 5 weeks doing soldier qualifications before heading off for more intense training in Ontario. In total I will be spending close to a year and a half in training alone, and my initial term lasts for 4 years whereupon I will likely sign up for another term if all goes well.

The trade that was offered to me and accepted was something called LCIS Tech (Land communication and information systems technician). What that means is that I will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of communications equipment ranging from small hand held radios to complex computer systems. I'm really looking forward to it, even though as some of you may know it wasn't my first pick. Originally I had wanted to be a combat engineer, but it turns out they want people who may end up handling weapons and be forced to point them at human beings to have pretty good eyesight. I'm not one of those people, hell, without my contacts in I can barely see a wall in front of me.

All for the best though, as I do think this trade will suit me far better and I'm really looking forward to the challenge.
Speaking of challenges - I've been keeping up my fitness levels and I have to admit I'm really looking forward to both the challenge and the structure of basic training. If you want to know more about me and where I end up after training let me know, I'll give you a link to the blog I'll setup with just such details.

Once again, thank you all for your help and support! It was certainly huge to be addressed as Private Laramie.


  1. congratulations private laramie!!!!

    Love from- Tyler,Lucas,Scout And Gavin