Saturday, January 30, 2010

Following the site,

Sadly I've realized that becoming a follower of the site does not actually notify you when the site is updated, which to me at least defeats the purpose of such a feature.  I've added a way to subscribe to the site as well, which will display updates on popular search engines homepage.

I suggest using google, and here is how you use it:
1. On the right find the Subscribe To: box
2. Click on the "Posts" dropdown box.
3. Click on the search engine of your choice, again, I suggest using Google.
4. Click the 'Add to Google Homepage' button
5. You're done!

If you are using google as your homepage it will now display every time you open your browser.  I'm not sure about the other options as I didn't test any of them.

Alternatively you can also just check back once a week :)

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