Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week Six!

The basic training course lasts for 13 weeks, this means that mid week six you've hit the half way point.  An exciting time to be sure and one that I'm quite looking forward to as it also happens to be the time when we are presented with our rifles.  I'm told by various people and the strong and vibrant rumor mill that the rifles are a lot of work.  That being said... I am still excited to be granted my weapon.

These past few weeks since coming back have been difficult but rewarding, our 2IC jokingly told us upon our return that our staff would take it easy on us after the holidays.  This turned out to not be true, it was quite a surprise to go from the quiet home life to the physically intensive lifestyle of basic training.

Over the past few weeks we've done rucksack marches, endless physical training, spent time in the gym, written tests, become first aid qualified, been inspected every second day and done endless amounts of running.  During all this our platoon has started to come together, however as we grow closer what amounts to sibling rivalries appear.  It's part of the process, however not my favorite part.

I have been the section senior for my section these past few weeks and while it has been challenging at times, my previous experience as a manager helped me quite a lot.  I found it easy to take charge of situations and devise the best way to handle our day to day duties as a section.  This should end on Monday and while part of me will miss the authority to get things done, another part of me is grateful that I will no longer have to act as a mediator for the previously mentioned rivalries.

As far as the course goes, I dare say I'm enjoying it.  The physical demands are many, but each time I meet or exceed the goals set in front of me I grow a little more confident and perhaps a little more capable.  Basic Training isn't easy, at times it's frustrating, but while I've never really understood the phrase 'Nothing worth doing is easy' it is the perfect example of it and has taught me the meaning of the words.  This course isn't easy, but I wouldn't give it up for anything.  I have a powerful will to complete the goals, tests and training in this course because when I do - I'll be better off for it.

Thanks for reading, I'm off to shine some boots.
(They're very very shiny by the way.  I'm good at it, as it turns out.)


  1. You're an inspiration my dear. :)

  2. wow mike, i truly never thougth i would see that. unbelievable. way to go. like i said when i send you the book.
    i am proud

  3. I am speechless as I look at your boots!!!!
    This does not happen often to me, as Michael knows all to well. LOL.