Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week Seven!

Well here we are, the start of week seven.  Week six has been interesting, when last I posted I talked about being section senior and expecting that to change - turns out my instructors had different plans as I am still the section senior.  I'm told by the recruits in my section that I'm doing a good job, so good in fact that our instructor has had to become more ... creative in finding problems with our inspections.  Who dusts the slats that hold up a mattress anyway?!?!

This week we have been the duty platoon here at BMQ (Basic Military Qualification) which means that we have all been doing odd jobs around the garrison such as cleaning the infinite lockers and cleaning up the bar after a night of partying.  All told this week has been pretty easy, with lots of early days and lenient timings.  However, we did receive our weapons this week.  I'm the proud owner of a C7A2 rifle, at least temporarily.  With the rifle comes a whole new set of responsibilities as leaving it unsecured or losing it is a chargeable offense - something none of us want to do but so far 3 of us have managed.

All told this week has been pretty quiet, I've spent a lot of my spare time working on my room or polishing boots - not the most exciting thing in the world but it passes the time.  I have never been the most patient person in the world, however somehow in this crazy environment I am finding I am more patient than most.  I don't mind waiting in lineups or standing endlessly, I don't get irritated or upset I just wait.  Strangely enough, I think that is a large part of the training here - teaching you some mature patience.  Besides, after a particularly difficult drill instruction or physical training, standing in a line is a welcome relief.

For those interested, here is a brief rundown of the rifle currently sitting about 2 feet away from me.

Name: C7A2
Characteristics: Gas operated, Magazine fed, Air cooled semi-automatic or automatic.
Length: 1.0m
Weight: 3.2kg and 3.8kg fully loaded.
Rate of Fire: 700 to 940 rounds per minute
Optical Sight (C79A2): 200 meters to 800 meters.

It's quite a monster, I'm told it is highly accurate with minimal recoil.  It's also very pretty.

This last bit is largely only for my friend Waiken.  I want to congratulate him on his new marriage and more importantly on the little baby he has on the way.  I hope you have a happy and healthy baby, you are a lucky man.  I also wanted to let him know that I live on the seventh floor, and to get to my room I have to take the second stairwell.  This means that the sign on my door is 7-2.

Go figure.


  1. good morning to you mike, i am saying hello from robi, bruni, jürgen , rosie and just about the whole germanland neigbourhood.
    they are all following your blog, just rosie has some problems following the sign ins to send a message.....
    we miss you congratulations so far we are PROUD

  2. Thanks Mike! I'm so happy that you're kicking so much ass! I hope to see you sooner than later, and look forward to your future updates!


  3. Hi Mike
    Hi Michael, sorry that I haven't send a message but this one is to tell you that I admire you for your tenacity and good spirit in get what you want. I really need you one day at home before Marion comeback to clean this place and not be in the dog house. Congratulations and keep your hard a good job, I'm proud of you. Fernando

  4. Was it me that told you it was highly accurate with minimal recoil? :P I think it's fun to shoot, but how in the world can they claim 800m with opticals?

    And how did 3 people leave an unsecured firearm around?

  5. Also please note that the sign on your door should be K-3.

  6. also, that gun sounds like a lot of DPS